NFT Feature for Facebook and Instagram

NFT Time on Instagram and Facebook!

NFTs are one of the prominent investment tools of the new era. And with a new project implemented by Meta, popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will be integrated with NFTs. Meta company announced that they are working on a new feature where users can show their NFTs in their profile pictures. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Social Media Advertisements, Post preparation, E-Commerce, SEO and Web Design, has prepared the new developments in the NFT world for you.

NFT Feature for Facebook and Instagram

Since NFTs emerged as a new investment tool, many large companies have been making preparations to adapt non-fungible NFTs to their own systems. Meta company, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, also joined this trend and took action to add NFT feature to its social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Meta is exploring ways to enable its users to sell, view and create NFTs on Facebook and Instagram.

NFTs Integrate into Social Media

Now Instagram and Facebook users will be able to display the NFTs they own as profile photos. According to the news prepared by the Financial Times newspaper, Meta company is also working on a new prototype that will allow users to produce their own NFTs. As such, these two platforms, which already have billions of users, seem to turn into channels where NFT trading is concentrated.

This news is not a surprise to those who follow the IT world closely. Because the company, which recently changed its name to Meta, prioritized its metaverse investments. Mark Zuckerberg is taking firm steps towards his goal of becoming the leader of the new era.

NFTs are an extremely new formation. Many people do not have a clear idea of ​​what their future may or may not be. In fact, there are large communities that do not like NFTs and view them with concern.

On the other hand, this system led by Coinbase will develop further. Coinbase, which recently announced an agreement with Mastercard, is trying to offer its users more payment methods and convenience when purchasing NFTs.

Let’s see how much the NFT market will grow with the integration provided to social media platforms. In order not to be left behind in your journey to the future, your digital agency Sahne Medya blog page You can continue to follow.

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