Affordable Price Period from Youtube Premium Lite

Premium Lite from YouTube at Affordable Prices

YouTube Premium came into our lives a while ago and provided some comfort to users. Premium membership, which is ad-free and allows us to play in the background when necessary, download videos and benefit from services such as YouTube Originals and TouTube Music, can be used in our country for 16.99 lira. On the other hand, the company rolled up its sleeves to offer more affordable subscription options to its users and announced the good news of YouTube Premium Lite.

Although YouTube Premium seems to provide many advantages, these advantages do not appeal to every user. For example, a Spotify user who does not want to give up his habits is paying for YouTube Music in vain. Aware of this, YouTube is preparing to introduce a new Premium subscription model.

YouTube Premium Lite

Google has been working on a simpler version of YouTube Premium for some time that does not have features such as offline downloading or background playback. The new package, which focuses on ad-free video watching experience, will be priced at a 40 percent more affordable price. This package, named YouTube Premium Lite, has already entered the testing phase for some users in Europe.

YouTube Premium Lite is currently being tested by users in Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden and Norway. Although it is 40 percent cheaper than the standard Premium package, it has created some controversy because it has only 25 percent of the features of the standard package.

YouTube Premium Lite, which we expect to come to our country in a short time, seems to be loved by users. In fact, users' expectations from YouTube are not that high. There are many people who would be content with watching videos without ads and having them run in the background. Fortunately, Google applies local pricing in our country, so YouTube could be used for 16.99 lira. It is currently unclear how much the price of YouTube Premium Lite will be. We expect it to be 40 percent cheaper than the Premium package, like in Europe.

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