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New Way to Make Money from YouTube

YouTube, the largest video sharing platform, continues to strive to support content creators and create new revenue models for them. In addition to YouTube's standard advertising revenues, the join our lives button was added. We could optionally support our favorite channels and broadcasters and watch some special content. TikTok etc. YouTube, which does not want to lose content creators and viewers to other platforms, is now here with a new donation method called Super Thanks.

Your Comments Will Be Visible With Super Thanks

With this new feature, users will be able to pay between $2 and $50 for the YouTube channels they watch. Comments of people who make this payment will be kept at the top and highlighted.

Influencers will be able to receive 70 percent of Super Thanks revenue from Apple devices. However, it should be noted that this income distribution will be different for desktop or Android devices. Apple users are expected to receive less share due to the App Store's commission. This feature, which is currently in beta version in nearly seventy countries, will be gradually activated for eligible YouTube channels.

To find out whether you can use this feature, you can follow the steps of Content Studio – Monetization – Super Thanks and make an inquiry.

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