Twitter Tries Safe Friends Feature


Social Media platforms continue to improve themselves by taking inspiration from each other. Finally, Twitter started testing a new feature called “Trusted Friends”. This feature, which allows a shared tweet to be shown only to a limited audience you choose, is reminiscent of the “close friends” feature in Instagram stories. The details of the news prepared by Sahne Media Editors, who manage advertising campaigns on many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are as follows:

Twitter, a popular and influential social network around the world, is preparing a new feature for its users. We all have followers from very different backgrounds on our social network accounts. While we have professional relationships with some of them, some are our close friends, and some are people we don't know at all. As such, each post leaves a different impression on each follower. For example, a post about our emotional state or with entertainment content may be welcomed by our friends, but may leave a negative impression in the eyes of our teachers or managers at work.

The new feature comes into play at this point and allows a tweet to be shared with a limited audience of our own choosing. The new feature, which resembles Instagram's Close Friends feature, seems to be liked by Twitter users.

When this feature, currently called Trusted Friends, becomes active, we will first need to create a list and decide who our reliable friends are.

This is the only functional aspect of the feature, which has an extremely simple logic. If you are going to share something about your life that you think is private, it is a good idea to make sure only your close friends see it.

Twitter is currently testing this feature on an extremely small user base and it is unknown when it will be available. However, another question is whether it can be used only on mobile devices or on both mobile and desktop versions.

Since Twitter is a platform that does not like to keep the features it has been testing for too long, it is expected to be available in a short time.

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05-07-2021 11:53:34

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