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A New Trap for WhatsApp Users from Hackers

WhatsApp has become a tool that most people actively use every minute and conduct both their social relations and business. As such, the application became the target of hackers, and thanks to a message, a vulnerability was discovered that could take control of the application. As Sahne Medya, we closely follow the traps and opportunities that await us in the digital world and share them with you. Here is the trap made via WhatsApp…

The danger of losing your account on the WhatsApp application, which is under the roof of Facebook, a giant social media organization, and is extremely popular all over the world, is not small at all. Moreover, this danger is as close as you click on a link or send a code.

A British newspaper announced the new method that internet hackers have found to steal and take over people's WhatsApp accounts. According to the news, internet hackers send a message containing a six-digit code to WhatsApp users. The content of the message includes the following: “Hello, I'm sorry I sent you a six-digit code by mistake, can you please send me the code back?” If you receive an SMS with a “verify your account” link along with this message.

If you send the code sent to you to the number that sent you the message via WhatsApp or click on the link in the SMS, it is easy for internet hackers to take over your account. After hackers steal your account, they continue the chain by sending this message to everyone in your contact list.

Facebook company has not yet made a statement on the issue after the news was published.

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07-06-2021 07:51:32

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