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New Security Measure on Instagram

Instagram, one of the first channels that comes to mind when it comes to social media, has introduced new security measures and some obligations for its young users. From now on, for security purposes, users will have to share their birth dates with Instagram. It is underlined that this application aims to ensure the safety of young users. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Social Media, SEO, Web Design and E-Commerce, has prepared it for you.

Pavni Diwanji, one of Facebook’s vice presidents, recently made a statement and announced that Instagram users on the platform should share their birth dates with Instagram.

In fact, Instagram had been implementing the application in question since late 2019, but it was not forcing users. But current statements show that this situation will become necessary. This innovation, which aims to protect especially young users from inappropriate profiles and posts, was welcomed by families.

Users Who Do Not Specify Their Date of Birth Will Be Blocked

Diwanji, one of Facebook’s vice presidents, said that users who do not share their birth dates will be blocked from accessing the Instagram application, and those who have not yet shared their birth dates will be informed about what to do.

According to Diwanji, this innovation will not only protect young people but also ensure that they are exposed to ads and content personalized for them.

Those Who Say Their Age Wrong Will Be Identified

The company has also developed a method for people who might lie about their date of birth. In the statement, it was also stated that an artificial intelligence algorithm will examine the images and it can be determined whether users are lying about their birth dates.

Regarding this issue, Diwanji said that in the future, technologies will be able to understand whether people are of the age they indicate. He added that you will be directed to a menu with options to help verify you and your age.

Instagram manages to maintain its popularity with the innovations it constantly develops. It is possible to increase your sales and brand awareness on Instagram, which is one of the ideal channels for brands to reach a young audience. If you want to achieve your goals with Instagram ads, Stage Media’s Instagram ads Meet the service.

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